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Binh An Vegetable Oil Joint Stock Company has the most modern and synchronous processing plant in Vietnam, invested in 2004 with a turnkey method with De Smet Group (Belgium) to create products. quality according to international standards.
We cooperate with crude oil extractors from fresh palm fruit and as a seaport owner, we import the best quality crude oil. With the combination of the synchronous line, we fractionate the palm oil once and twice as soon as the oil is refined so we are able to offer our customers sliding melting point (MTP) liquid oils. and rattan pulling points (CP) and different solid fats to improve efficacy and customer intended use.
We offer a wide range of different Iodine (IV) and (CP) liquid oils and blend them with seed oils such as Soybean oil, Canola oil to make them suitable for heat conditions. different levels of storage and use. Our factory has many types and sizes of packaging such as PET food bottles, plastic cans and tin cans. Inner cartons with plastic bags, drums and is ready to provide customers in the form of amnesty to meet all requirements. customer demand.
We also offer a wide range of different solid fat products with different crystal structures, melting points (MTPs) and according to customer taste and preferences. The product is processed in a manner that enhances the performance of the properties of the oil and the end product as desired by the consumer.

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